Excido is a sample, full-stack, Single Page Application made by Bill Fugina View Bill Fugina's LinkedIn profile using Angular and the Microsoft .NET framework.

If you would like to follow the progress or learn more about the tools and technologies used in building this app, please visit my other site, BAM Apps.

The plan is for Excido to become a content sharing service where content can be set to expire and disappear. At the moment, it is simply a short-link service. You may create a short link in the {{sharedunits.slugPrefix}} namespace that redirects to any other valid link.

Your short link must end in a unique slug and must form a valid HTML URL. There is currently no error checking, so invalid URLs will probably crash the software. Use at your own risk.

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    {{unit.Content | collapse}}
    {{sharedunits.slugPrefix}} {{unit.Slug}}